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Passacaglia and West Pier Brighton Murmuration

09 Oct 2019  in Drawing, Photography
Passacaglia sculpture and West Pier on Brighton Beach

My photo of Brighton Beach Huts and Fido the Dog appears on StyleCarrot blog

13 Nov 2013  in Photography

Brighton Beach Huts and Fido

Whilst searching on the web for Christmassy, snowy images, I came across my own work! Brighton Beach huts and Fido the Dog got a mention on a blog StyleCarrot

The creator of StyleCarrot is Boston-based Marni Elyse Katz who describes herself as “a writer and editor living in boston, obsessed and affected by the aesthetics of life. i got my professional start in the fashion closet of rolling stone magazine”. Her blog is full of art and fashion reviews and beautiful things that she comes across, mainly online. My work featured under her picks for ARTmonday: 22 Original Artworks Under $500 from Saatchi Online 

Thanks for the thumbs up Marni