Brighton and Hove Beach Huts
The vibrant Hove beach huts sit under a dramatic Brighton sky.
Peace Statue in Winter, Brighton
Brighton Peace Statue
Life is Sweet in Brighton
A real Art Deco feel to this print as it is layered and the colour washed through with monochrome. The textual feel is due to the image being shot through the glass window of a cafe. This scene epitomises Brighton for me - a gentleman reclining in a deckchair with his feet up on the Palace Pier looking out towards the West Pier. Life is sweet indeed.
Hove Beach Huts and Pooch, Brighton
Hove Bandstand in Winter by Nicole Carman
Brighton Beach Huts and Fido the Dog
Beautiful beach huts along Hove promenade are captured during a snowfall.
Magical Pier in Snow, Brighton
Beautiful Pier glittering in the snow
Brighton Seagulls!
One for the Brighton football fans! Seagulls!!
West Pier in Winter
Brighton promenade covered in snow with the West Pier in the background. The snow gives the whole scene a lovely bluish tint.
Brighton Peace Statue
Lovely blue/turquoise hues over this beautiful Peace Statue which is a perfect match for it's twin image here in my gallery - Hove Bandstand in Winter
Royal Pavilion, Brighton
The beautiful, historical Royal Pavilion in Brighton, Sussex. It was built in stages for the Prince Regent between 1787 and 1823. This magnificent royal pleasure palace was revered by fashionable Regency society and is still a distinctive landmark for vibrant Brighton & Hove today.
Hove Beach Huts in Snow, Brighton
Beach Huts in Hove and Brighton
Brighton Beach Huts
West Pier in Lamplight
Lovely blue tones in this night shot of Hove Lawns in snow with the glow of those beautiful Victorian Street Lamps.
Seagull Warning!, Brighton
Apocalyptic West Pier, Brighton
Gorgeous purple sunset over the old West Pier in Brighton
West Pier in Silver Clouds, Brighton
Beautiful monochrome infrared image which gives the old West Pier a surreal silver sparkle. This image features on the West Pier Trust website.
Brighton Phone Box
The Brighton Pier is seen through an old fashioned red telephone box. These old British phone booths are now rare and have been replaced with more modern alternatives, but I love them and wanted to photograph this one as it sits right by the sea next to the Brighton Palace Pier. I took this picture on a hot summer's day where you can also note all the people on the beach in the background. The phone box is also quite dirty and run down with old tape around the glass which adds something unusual to the pier structure and the seagulls to the right of the photograph.
West Pier through Sweetshop, Brighton
There is a milkshake cafe on the Brighton Palace Pier - and if you look through the glass out to sea, you can see the remains of the old West Pier, just floating on the horizon. I love the vintage feel to this photograph; the old Coca Cola machine, the sirup bottles and the sweet wrappers shining in the window.
Brighton West Pier Through Tunnel
The West Pier is beautifully framed here by the beach structures, which sadly are no more.
Brighton Deckchairs Relaxing
Classic mellow scene of a little group of deckchairs, all lined up to watch the sun go down.
West Pier Structures
There's an Industrial feel to this monochrome close up of the old West Pier.
Brighton Palace Pier Reflection
The reflection of a passer-by is captured in the glass of this old red phone box in front of the Palace Pier Brighton. People often ask if I've photoshopped this photograph? I haven't - I just increased the contrast of the man's reflection.
Brighton Deckchairs in Sepia
I love the shiny pebbles on the beach in this classic sepia photograph of the Brighton beach deckchairs.
West Pier Laser, Brighton
Chinese New Year was celebrated in style with a laser light show.
Brighton Emerald Pier
Magical emerald west pier.
Brighton Naked Bikeride
A tasteful take on the annual Brighton naked bike ride. I really like this infrared version and the guy watching in the right hand corner.
"Love Thy Self" Palmeira Square, Hove
See if you can read the grafftti on the bench beside the sun worshipper.
Sunset on Hove Lawns, Brighton
Collage of a snowy day on Brighton Beach with a couple walking their dog across Hove Lawns. I overlaid the photograph with a sunset which gave a surreal pink glow to the snow and to the old West Pier.
Sunshine on Palmeira Square, Hove
Big Wheel and Pier, Brighton
Lomography photograph of the Big Wheel on Brighton seafront.
Brighton Promenade
Snowy Brighton Promenade
Brighton Beach Impressions
An impressionistic picture of Brighton lawns and beach in the snow.
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